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MY NU WAYS! Programs

Self Coaching Programs, Personal Coaching and Group Challenges for Career Development, Personal Development, Well- Being and Self-Care, Nutrition and Weight Loss or Creativity and DIY Design

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Our Weight Loss Instant Results Program helps you to kick-start your Weight Loss Journey with Hypnotic Affirmation & an easy to follow Meal Plan.


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Our Quit Smoking Instant Results Program helps you to kick-start your Smoke Free NU Life with Hypnotic Affirmation & behavior change enabling.


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With our Successful Negotiating Instant Result Program you do not leave your negotiation success up to a chance! Get ready and master any negotiation!


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You’ll get a unique tracking link (PROMO LINK)that you can use to share any MY NU WAYS! Programs through a Facebook post, on your blog, a tweet — however you choose!


  1. Please register with if you havn’t so far.
  2. In the search field, look for our vendor name ‘‘iMellan’‘ and set Language to ENGLISH to find all our affiliate offers so you get your Affiliate ID. Alternatively you can click here.
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Our MY NU WAYS! Programs affiliate program is free to join for the ones who have at least one demonstrated channel and audience that is aligned with the MY NU WAYS! Programs brand. Channels include: Blogs, Facebook Groups, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter followers, or email newsletters. All affiliates need to create an account through Once you registered as an Affiliate with us, we will send you an access to our Affiliate support page.

MY NU WAYS! Programs affiliates can earn up to 50% in commission for each new customer that signs up for a Ready Made Program. Each Affiliate creates a custom account through that tracks their referrals in real time.

Affiliates will receive payouts through Digistore 24 account.

Solutions For A
Healthier And More Purposeful Life & Career

Be A Warrior - Not A Worrier!

At MY NU WAYS! we believe in cultivating independence, strengthening own problem-solving competencies, prioritizing simplicity and structure – and we believe in the transformative impact of coaching for personal growth and well-being. Work with us to life a healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling, passionate,  purposeful life and career you love.