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How To Save On Food Shopping and Not Sacrifice Your Nutrition

Trying to save on food shopping? Nutrition is everything we need to keep our body healthy and happy. In times of inflation and upcoming recession we start looking for savings… and very often we sacrifice our healthy food. This article will show you ways of how not to sacrifice food and how to stay healthy …

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How are you? (Blue Monday Debunked)

Did you know? 👉🏻 The BLUE MONDAY idea was apparently initiated as a marketing trick to sell sunny Holiday Packages! According to the pseudoscience quoted for the ads, the third Monday of January is supposed to be most depressing. Why? ☹️ …Post-Christmas blues, failed New Year’s resolutions, low motivation levels, short days, long dark nights, …

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Just DARE….

Let us tell you a story: It’s always worth to DARE. Melanie & Angelika. Number of life choices, number of career choices. Wondering what’s next or how to adapt. Either forced by external circumstances or by reaching personal crossroads. Facing tempting opportunities for change and growth but also feeling the cosy and assuring comfort of …

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