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Change Maker Coaching Challenge

Our Change Maker Coaching Challenge helps you to become the Change and to be an influencer & driver for positive change in your communities, societies, workplaces – and in our world. 

Be an impactful and authentic Agent for Change! Be the spark of change and a game changer who encourages others to walk NU ways too!



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This Change Maker Coaching Challenge is right for you when you say ...

Trust the Process of this Change Maker Coaching Challenge ...

This Change Agent Challenge of MY NU WAYS! Challenges combines enabling key information about the latest Change Management practices, human change coping mechanism, Communication techniques and Coaching that drives your clarity and confidence in how to grow into your authentic role of being a Change Agent.
This Personal Development Program combines Change Driving Enablement, influence for Change and Change Adaption Skills. It helps you to understand how humans cope with change, how to can build resilience, what it takes to be an impactful Change Agent (aka Change Maker) – and how you can define and live your role as an impactful Change Maker that drives and influences for change to make the world a better place.  The Change Maker Coaching Program provides you latest change management practices and coaches you through your transition to become an impactful Change Agent. 
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Join the Change Maker Coaching Challenge and we have your back ...

Change Management Change Maker Coaching ChallengeMelanie & Angelika have put all their experiences and knowledge that they gained over many years of actively working as leading change agents in their workplaces and in their communities into this programs.
They created this program to support you in this not-easy-step to transition into your very own Change Agent role. Dare to make change happen and benefit from our Online Community so you feel the power and support of a vocal and diverse community.

What you pay for this Change Maker Coaching Challenge


6 Weeks Challenge

Online Group Coaching




6 Weeks Challenge

Online Group Coaching

The Change Maker Coaching Challenge includes

Change Maker Challenge Change Maker Coaching Program Activism Demonstration Fighting for a better tomorrow Influence for change Change Maker Making The World a Better Place Becoming A Change Maker

What you get from this Change Maker Coaching Challenge

The masterclass was amazing. I found this Challenge online by accident and was curious what that was. It appeared to be great and concise coaching workshop about how to drive change and how to drive my agenda effectively.
This was great! Recommend it! The content was clear, easy to follow, explained in a way that everyone could understand
This masterclass will help me to bring results and to manage my business in a more effective way. Before I felt like I was drowning!

Your Coaches & Transformation Experts

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Melanie Wild-Schleiffelder

Management & Business Coach & Counsellor, Team & Personal Coach, Hypnosis Coach, Transformation Lead, Change Management Expert, Consultant, Entrepreneur

Online Coaching Self Help Self Healing Programs Angelika Szac CEO iMellan GmbH MY NU WAYS Programs MY NU WAYS Business X NU WAYS Consulting Online Coaching

Angelika Szac-Fidrych

Management & Personal Coach,
Nutrition & Well-Being Coach & Consultant,
Change Manager, Project Manager & Entrepreneur

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