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Coaching Business Launch Program

Our Coaching Business Launch Program helps you to follow your purpose and passion – and to launch successfully your part-/full-time Coaching Business in any field you want.



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This Career Development Program combines Career Coaching, Decision Making & Business Set-Up Enablement.
It helps you to verify and confirm if your aspired career move to set-up your own (part-time) coaching business is right move for you – or not. It drives your clarity, confidence and motivation and it helps you step-by-step to build and establish your coaching business (freelancing/ consulting or buying an existing business or franchise). 
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It provides you lots of reflection opportunities and information about latest practices for the business set-up process and templates that you will need.  The pack has everything you need in order to make the change towards your new role as (part-time) professional coach and business owner happen.
Melanie & Angelika have created this coaching and enablement program to support you in this not easy step in your career so you can follow along and stress less during searching, verifying, considering, testing and deciding in the journey to build up your dream coaching business. Also, you benefit from our Online Community.  
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What you pay for the Coaching Business Launch Program is your choice

You can mix and match all our Self Coaching Programs as you like and need it for your personal & professional growth, but also for self care and well-being, a healthy lifestyle and nurturing your creativity.

All our Self Coaching Programs add perfectly to this Coaching Program. If you like to purchase more than one program, we recommend you to consider our Membership options. It could save you money.  

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Coaching Business Launch Program includes

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Melanie Wild-Schleiffelder

Management & Business Coach & Counsellor, Team & Personal Coach, Hypnosis Coach, Transformation Lead, Change Management Expert, Consultant, Entrepreneur

Online Coaching Self Help Self Healing Programs Angelika Szac CEO iMellan GmbH MY NU WAYS Programs MY NU WAYS Business X NU WAYS Consulting Online Coaching

Angelika Szac-Fidrych

Management & Personal Coach,
Nutrition & Well-Being Coach & Consultant,
Change Manager, Project Manager & Entrepreneur

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