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Coaching & Mentoring: How you can achieve what you want!

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Coaching & Mentoring are both great tools to help you step up your game and identify your development needs in both personal and professional life. Each one offers different things for your journey and can often be confused. But how do you know which one is right for you?

In this article, we’ll look at the differences between a Coach and a Mentor, and why having both may be the secret to your success.

What's the difference between a Coach and a Mentor?

Great guidance comes in many forms, and both coaches and mentors can help you make progress in your personal and professional life. While both can contribute to your success, they play complementary roles in your development.


  • A Coach is someone who helps create a conversation that will benefit the other person.
    • They do not need to have experience in the domain the Coachee is working in. The conversation will relate to the Coachee’s learning and development and is entirely focused on the Coachee, starting with clarifying what they are really trying to achieve, setting a feasible yet challenging and appealing goal and resulting in a committed plan to take actions or make improvements.
    • A Coach is a trusted partner that brings in methodology expertise.
    • The Coach has the faith and trust in the Coachee’s own problem-solving capability and ability to brainstorm ideas and options, to explore and discover useful resources and then eventually to take decisions and move themselves forward.
    • Coaches are partners that do not offer solutions themselves, they do not insert their views and opinions into the conversation. They listen, they ask, they guide, they challenge, they provide structure – and bring in therefore their coaching experience and methodology expertise. All this with the aim to prompt the Coachee to explore the topic by themselves from different perspectives and other people’s point of view and to take responsibility for developing the solution.
  • Mentoring is all about sharing knowledge, experience and expertise
    • A great Mentor provides the support that is relevant to the development of the Mentee, and has the interpersonal skills required to effectively share these resources. However, despite 76% of people claiming mentors are important, only 37% say they currently have one.
    • Mentors range in job title, age, and seniority, but they usually have one thing in common: they are motivated to help others by sharing their experiences and connections – and worth to remember -they will help ou a lot when your problems revolve around your career or business, rather than your personal life. For example, most people seek out a Mentor to get critical advice from a more seasoned professional and o gain access to the Mentor’s network. Plus, some people work with a Mentor within their organization specifically to be able access higher-level leadership since they might have not that many opportunities to do so in their daily work.
    • Sounds like a dream, right? Yes, but Mentors have their limits. Even in a structured Mentoring Program, your connection with your Mentor is often based on their availability.
    • For senior-level Executives, spare time tends to be limited. That may mean that the more successful your Mentor is, the less available they may be, leaving Mentees waiting for a chance to catch up. A monthly lunch with your Mentor can be valuable for building your network and asking questions. But they may not be the best resource to help you build a new skill, try a new appraoch or make progress on a specific goal.

So when to use Coaching vs Mentoring?

As you explore your goals to kick-start a Coaching or Mentorship Program, it’s essential to dig deep and clarify your fundamental intention.


You’ll most likely use a coach to support your development if you find yourself asking these questions or saying these affirmations:

  • ” How can I improve my relationship(s) with other people or with person XYZ?”
  • “ I am stressed, how do I cope with stress?”
  • “ I am bored and feel like I am standing still. But I have no idea what else to do!”
  • “ I’d like to do more (networking, exercising, …) and basically I know how to, but I lack motivation!”
  • “ How do I take care of myself?”
  • “ I always strived for a career in Finance. I got so far on this career path! But now I am realizing I like be more in a creative space like Social Media Marketing. But this would mean I would need to go back to school and change my career path – and loose income! I am too old for that! I am stuck! I feel like a failure!”
  • “ Why do I feel so bad?”
  • “ How do I boost up my self-esteem and be more confident?”
  • “ I don’t have time for myself.”
  • ” How do I improve the quality of my life?”

Also, if you’re dealing with or facing a specific challenge, but you needs support to reflect and learn on options and possible solutions, a coach is the right choice for you!

In the case of a Mentor, you most likely work with one when:

You want to better understand your business environment, organisation or industry
You intent to access new networks and build your network for new future opportunities
You want to improve your own performance
You want to develop leadership behaviors
You are hoping to increase your engagement, motivation, and retention

Once you know your desired outcomes, you can start to decide whether a formal Coaching or Mentoring Program is right for you!

You can have both!

While it’s hard to choose between a Coach and a Mentor, there’s no reason you should have to! Our programs help you navigate through your work or life challenges and discover ways to achieve your goals. Benefit from thought-provoking Career, Life & Well-Being Coaching in combination with Consulting and Enablement – take decisions and drive actions with confidence and clarity to make the progress you want! Did we mention…all of this is available for you online, at your own pace? Click here to learn more!

Still not sure what you need?

As part of our community, you can write to us here so we can go through your goals and needs and point you in the right direction.

If balancing your lifestyle and well-being, organizing your remote working situation, or driving your career in new directions feel far too often like fumbling around in the dark, our programs serve as your flashlight. Learn more about us here!

Learn How To Achieve Anything You Want

Learn How To Achieve Anything You Want

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