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Why Decluttering Is Good For You and How It Can Increase Your Life & Work Quality

DIY Decluttering Letting Go Reorganise

When you hear that buzz word “Declutter”,  do you immediately think about all the time it would take and the aggravation it would cause to get rid of all the stuff that’s cluttering your house? 

Is your next instinct to close the closet doors and run for the hills? We get it, these reactions are 100% human. The question people are asking themselves is: , “Will the effort be worth it?” You better believe it is, and in fact experts say that it will not only improve your closet space, but also improve your entire life.  

Decluttering is not just about getting rid of unused items, it’s about making your life and the lives’ of others better. Let’s take a look at the reasons why your life will improve when you make up your mind that NOW is the time to declutter. The good news is that decluttering can be free and easy, especially with our tried-and-true tips.  

Why you should start Decluttering today!

Decluttering will cleanse your mind

If your home is in turmoil, it probably reflects the chaos in your subconscious mind, impairing your ability to remain focused. Clutter also limits your ability to process information. Decluttering your physical space can help you declutter your mind. This often results in a cleansing experience, where you feel lighter and have more room to breathe. 

As you begin to detach from material possessions and place more importance on people and experiences, you will sense a feeling of freedom which can become addictive. 

Improve Your Sleep 

Just because you’ve got your eyes closed doesn’t mean that you’re suddenly blind to all the clutter surrounding you. All those clothes on the floor, the make-up products scattered all over the dresser… seeing these things right before you go to bed is not conducive to a good night’s sleep. 

Your brain will be mentally processing all the external stimuli of the clutter, making it difficult to wind down and settle your mind, ready for sleep. Clear out your bedroom and see how easy it is to drift off without the clutter around you. 

Boost Productivity and Creativity 

A lot of people find it difficult to concentrate when surrounded by clutter, such as trying to work at a messy, disorganised desk. Excess things surrounding you can have a negative impact on your ability to focus. All the things around you will be competing for your attention, decreasing your productivity and increasing stress levels. 

Without all that clutter, you should find your concentration levels increase. Not to mention, you’re certain to get a boost of creativity now that your head is cleared and you’re free to think about what you’re doing without being distracted by the things around you. 

Save Money 

When you declutter, you’ll want to keep your home looking minimalist and beautiful, and not let the clutter build up again. You’ll have a better idea of what you want your home to look like, and what things you actually need and what you can do without. 

After you’ve decluttered, you’ll be amazed at how much less you will buy as you’ll be aware that you really don’t need lots of things to make you happy. Clutter often blinds us to what we really own. Sorting everything out and giving your home a good declutter can help prevent you from making frivolous purchases in the future. 

And, of course, there is money to be made from selling unwanted items on sites like eBay, for example. 

There is a beautiful world of freedom and fresh breath hiding behind that clutter. Deciding how to declutter your home is up to you. 

Letting go of items can be hard...BUT YOU DON'T NEED TO DO IT ON YOUR OWN!

 Our new “Clear & Simplify” Program will guide you to let go and clear, simplify and reorganise your home or any space to increase life & work quality!  

Your outcome if you sign up: 

– Feel empowered, enabled and confident to declutter your space. 

– Make a first step towards letting go of things that impact your life quality your life. 

– Make it a habit and lifestyle change! 

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Live The Life You Love!

Live The Life You Love!

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