Foundation for Business & Mindset Growth

The STARTER MINDSET MASTERY helps you to build your foundation for your business & mindset growth, grounded in your roots, values & purpose. It’s a MUST-HAVE Online Coaching Program for every (new) Entrepreneur to attract clients and business success.

STARTER MINDSET MASTERY Foundation For Business Growth

Knowing your roots and values provides the substance and depth that enables you to connect magnetically with your community and clients, differentiate your business, and build a strong and trusted brand presence that attracts clients and sells.

Self-awareness and understanding your roots, values and purpose provide a solid foundation for developing a robust entrepreneurial mindset.

By leveraging your strengths, identifying motivators, you support network, and recognising potential challenges, you can build resilience, create meaningful connections, and navigate the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship with confidence and purpose.

Knowing your roots is as important as your aspirations and goals because they are essential for developing a strong entrepreneurial mindset and building an authentic brand if you connect them all.

They guide your decision-making, motivate you to excel, and help you seize opportunities for growth and innovation. As you align your actions with your aspirations, your brand reflects your roots, values and purpose, leading to long-term success.

In the early stages of starting a business, defining a clear mission and vision is crucial.

Understanding your roots, values, and purpose allows entrepreneurs to articulate a compelling mission and vision statement that resonates with their target audience and potential investors.

The STARTER MINDSET MASTERY helps you to build your foundation for your business & mindset growth
The STARTER MINDSET MASTERY helps you to build your foundation for your business & mindset growth
The STARTER MINDSET MASTERY helps you to build your foundation for your business & mindset growth


Build Your Foundation for Business & Mindset Growth

A business coaching program that guides you to elaborate and get to know your roots, values and purpose. It helps you to foster your business growth and achievements by establishing a solid foundation rooted in authenticity and purpose. The coaching programs guides you to reflect over and receive answers for the following:

As new or starting-out entrepreneurs, you benefit greatly from understanding and embracing your roots, values, and purpose. It forms the foundation for niche positioning, targeting, branding & selling, decision-making, team-building, and goal-setting, contributing to a more purpose-driven and successful entrepreneurial journey.

STARTER MINDSET MASTERY Foundation For Business Growth

Picture yourself understanding your roots, values, and purpose in detailed and crystal-clear clarity so you are perfectly set up to excel in your business endeavour.

How The Foundation For Business Growth Program helps you


# 1 - Crafting a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) & Business Mission and Vision

Understanding your background can assist you in identifying your strengths and developing a distinctive selling proposition. Additionally, it allows you to create a compelling mission statement that connects with both your audience and investors.

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# 2 - Strong Target Market, Brand Identity & Magnetic Community Connection

For new businesses, it is crucial to identify the right target market. By understanding the needs and preferences of their audience, businesses can customise their products or services accordingly. Creating a strong brand identity that reflects the company's roots and values is also important. This is crucial for you to demonstrate the authenticity and relatability you need to build strong and magnetic connections with your community and clients that will drive your sales and generate your income.

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# 3 - Setting Growth Goals

For a new entrepreneur, it is crucial to establish growth goals. By comprehending their origins and principles, entrepreneurs can set significant and enduring growth targets that correspond with their ultimate vision.

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# 4 - Staying Focused and Motivated

Starting a business can be daunting, and entrepreneurs may encounter doubts or obstacles along the way. However, reconnecting with their roots and purpose can provide the necessary motivation and focus to persevere and achieve their goals.

Sound good?

STARTER MINDSET MASTERY Foundation For Business Growth

Candid. Energizing. Transformative.

I am Melanie – Founder, CEO, and the Master Coach behind MY NU WAYS!  

It’s important to embrace your unique story and connect it with your goals to create trust and relatability with your audience. Your roots are the foundation of your brand’s strength, linking you with your customers and setting you apart. Use your roots to guide your decisions and actions, driving you to strive for excellence and take advantage of opportunities for growth and innovation. Stick to your values and purpose to achieve long-term success and leave a lasting impact.

But then, how are only some online business owners and entrepreneurs truly successful?

The thing is: The process of identifying and aligning our roots, values, purpose, and aspirations into a cohesive context and living true to it in our personal lives and businesses is easier said than done. It requires reflection and inner work to gain clarity, strength, and courage to shift our limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviour to show and live our authentic selves in life and business.

For this reason, I have prepared this STARTER MINDSET MASTERY: Foundation For Business Growth to help you build a solid foundation for your business aspirations and toward achieving your goals.

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