MY NU WAYS! Programs

MY NU WAYS! Programs

Self Coaching Programs, Personal Coaching and Group Challenges for Career Development, Personal Development, Well- Being and Self-Care, Nutrition and Weight Loss or Creativity and DIY Design

Happy Anniversary to Us: One year in, here’s what we’ve learned!

Celebration Business Company Anniversary

I can’t believe it has been one year since Melanie & I started started our own business venture.

The COVID-19 Pandemic took speed around February 2020 in our corner of the world, and we decided to deal with it our own way – by launching a company! To be honest, despite all the unfortunate down-side effects that came along with the Pandemic, it was THE trigger and an opportunity for us. Melanie felt that it was the right moment to make the leap from the corporate world and to embark on this business journey.…. And I tuned in.

Exactly one year later, our dream company is reality. We have created a number of Coachulting Programs, that we love to call ‘Life Changing Programs’. We live and breathe the entrepreneurial life – with all its Ups and Downs.

It took us a good bit of time during that year to do our homework: We needed to figure out millions of things like:

  • how to run a business online,
  • how to register our business and trademarks,
  • how to build and code websites and  digital end-2-end processes,
  • what tools & automation to we need to use,
  • how to create content,
  • how to record our own videos, what equipment to use, what light, microphones, cameras were the best etc.
  • … and how to put it all together into a video!
  • … (list to be continued)

Number of weeks were spent on research and knowledge compilation – all that to write online programs that will make personal & workplace worlds of our customers their better place to live & work. To build the comfort of living and working.


This last year has been an emotional roller coaster ride for sure. Every day we go through a mix of tension, uncertainty, unpredictability, doubts, happiness and everything in between.


Having said that, we are continuously in conversation with our inner chickens as well: Will we make it? Will we not? And the inner chicken is really strong and says: ‘No, you will not make it, you are too weak, your vision is too big” … blablabla! Here you go, the infamous imposter syndrome kicks in every time there is an opportunity when we have a moment of doubt. And there are many moments like this!


So why are we doing it? What do we get in return?


Every day we get the joy of doing something that matters – something meaningful. The Joy of creating, and the joy of having the opportunity to contribute to people’s lives. This is, what kept and keeps us going: Deep trust that what we are creating is needed and that our purpose is to guide and help others through this transformational process. That’s what we have been doing throughout our previous corporate careers – and that’s now the core of our businesses.


In summary: Our NU life is tough, but it is worth it!


Every time, our inner chicken kicks in, we focus on our vision and our mission, one step at a time so we keep moving. It helps us to steer our attention away from this little saboteur in us and it will bring us with little steps closer to our goal.


In September 2020 we founded the iMellan GmbH, which is today the umbrella and legel entity for our business platforms and trademarks:

  • MY NU WAYS! Programs (B2C)
  • MY NU WAYS! Business (B2B – Small Businesses) and
  • X NU WAYS! Consulting (B2B – Corporations)


We describe ourselves as ‘Transformationalists’. With our backgrounds, we are able to provide and drive #transformation #consulting #coaching and #training with clarity, creativity, confidence and a collaborative growth mindset. And we simply live and breathe transformation.


We are helping our customers succeed in their personal, business and corporate transformation journey.


We are super proud of it. Cheers to many more years. We are super curious how this journey will evolve!

Live The Life You Love!

Live The Life You Love!

Join our transformative and no-fuss Self Coaching and Change Enabling Space!

We created our virtual MY NU WAYS! Space as an effective and on-demand Coaching and Change Enablement Support for everyday and various purposes. Because taking matters in our own hands, practicing daily self-reflection and mindfulness like second nature to overcome our nagging doubts, procrastination, trauma, stress and anxiety can work wonders for our Lives and Well-Being!

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