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Happy New Year 2022!

Happy New Year Looking Back Reflection New Perspective Self Coaching Programs, Personal Coaching and Group Challenges for Career Development, Personal Development, Well- Being and Self-Care, Nutrition and Weight Loss or Creativity and DIY Design.

Congratulations, everybody! We’ve almost reached the end of 2021. Let’s take a minute to look back over the past twelve months and recognize how much we’ve learned, overcome, and achieved, just to get to this moment.  Happy New Year 2022!  Start 2022 ready & motivated to invest in your happiness!    

Happy New Year 2022!

If you’ve started a business this year, or landed your dream job, or found something that inspires and fulfills you, we are proud of you. Take a few minutes to think about how you felt, when you were getting ready to start 2021 and the times you got excited, motivated and looked forward to accomplishing your goals. That is the feeling we would like you to carry with you every day when you head into the new year. 

If, on the contrary, this year has been confusing or sad, know that you are not alone. This year, as well as the last, the entire globe continued to be disrupted by COVID-19. Anyway, take a pause and appreciate what it’s taken to get you here. In our own uniquely different ways, we’ve all responded and adapted to unprecedented change. Every single one of us has experienced a tectonic shift in the way we’re living our lives. If we’ve been fortunate, we’ve only felt the plates move just a tiny bit under our feet. On the other hand, if we or the people we care about haven’t been so lucky, the plates might have split and turned into an earthquake. But our point is, you’re here. Now. Reading this. Hopefully getting ready to celebrate a different, but still enjoyable and much deserved end of the year. Whatever you did or didn’t achieve goal-wise, career-wise, relationship-wise or personal development-wise during 2021, don’t underestimate what an achievement it is – just getting to this point. 

Shift your perspective for the New Year 2022

Now, consider to shift perspective!

Consider what you’ve learned about yourself this year; the strengths, abilities and resources inside you and around you that have helped to keep you going. Think about the support you’ve been given and the support you’ve given to others. Think about the moments of doubt and worry and weakness you’ve overcome, or that maybe you’re still working through, and recognize how resilient you are when you need to be. Feel proud now, and feel proud of your family, friends, colleagues, partners or clients. We made it, together! 

Over the past year, we bet you’ve discovered qualities inside yourself and others you never knew about or expected. Most will be good qualities, a few not so much. But when the world inevitably starts to calm down and normalize again – whatever normal turns out to be – think what you’ll be able to achieve with everything you’ve discovered. 

And where are we going in the New Year 2022?

2021 has been a massive global learning curve, but the great thing about learning curves is that – if we stick with them, they’ll always end up taking us closer to where we want to go. 

So, where are you going in 2022? If you already know, we wish you have the clarity, motivation and focus to achieve your goals. If you don’t, just know that there’s joy in that too. All you have to do is use the tools that are already out there – the books, podcasts, and all the other resources that coaches like us are continuously creating – and apply them to yourself. I know we’re biased, but the Knowledge Base on our website is a great place to start. And it’s free. (click here)

Hopefully, at least some of the articles we’ve published this year will have helped motivate you too. We’ll keep writing them next year, so check back regularly. 

Here’s to you, our fantastic clients, friends and readers! May you have a great end of the year and may we meet each other again, stronger, rested and filled with enthusiasm for 2022! 

Have a fantastic New Year! 

Melanie, Angelika and the MY NU WAYS! Programs Team

Live The Life You Love!

Live The Life You Love!

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