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decision making doubts

Should I… or should I not…?!

I could have my own business, I would be good at it. What would it be that I can do? Whenever I get the idea of what would it be I will have my own business.

Actually…what if I am too weak to have one, not good enough. People study business for years and I haven’t. I actually had nothing to do with business before.

I could start with small online shop… but there is plenty of online shops like that, it does not make sense to open another one….

If I do it, I will fail and how will it look like in the eyes of others…?


Me and my never silent little saboteur in my head – beginning April 2020

5 seconds can change everything …

Apparently it takes 5 seconds from the time we get an idea to the time we discard it. So we have 5 seconds to hook up to the new idea and expand it. If we don’t, we get another idea and another one and another one and we keep on discarding them while quickly finding reasons why we can’t or why we shouldn’t do anything about them..

And what if we were slower and more careful in discarding our ideas?

Each idea can potentially change our life.

Ok, so what can I do?

Well, I could get an idea, stop here – and NOT discard it And then I could sit, change perspective and on purpose put everything upside down to reflect on it:

  • Why would I like to have my own business? What are my priorities?
  • What would it be? What would it look and feel like?
  • How and where should I start?
  • What do I actually need to run my own business? What support do I have?
  • Do I need additional qualifications? So, what qualifications? How to get them?
  • Do I need funds? How do I obtain them?
  • What is it that I need to take into account? Not much, just THE ICEBERG 😛
  • Will it happen overnight? NO! It needs work and effort.
  • Will it be easy? NO. If it was easy , everybody would do it!
  • … ok, but still …

Hold on – don’t discard the idea just yet! Sleep on it!

I may realize: I do not need to drop everything at once. I can start with baby steps, they are always easier. I can work in my own pace, over time to build up on the idea. JUST DO SOMETHING. ONE THING – at a time.

And so can you! Change is a process. Embrace it! The clearer you become – the more things will fall into place 🙂 !

So why don’t you take the opportunity now to give your idea some room for NU perspectives?

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Wishing you all the best,


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