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Find out in our testimonials section what people say about Melanie and Angelika but find testimonials about the Self Coaching Programs.

Self Coaching Programs

Find out in this testimonials section what people say about the Self Coaching Programs.

I learned so much about well-being from the balance and ground program. I recommend it to anyone who has trouble in slowing down in their day-to-day routine. 

Annouk T.,


It was worth every penny! 

James S.,


The idea of sort of coaching on demand is brilliant. It is really easy to navigate, transparent, it made me feel motivated to start straight away.  However, I would also like to work with audible exercises.

Anna W.,


I liked the videosthe coaching exercises and the additional resources like book recommendations and TED videos. Fun and thought-provoking to learn content and to start reflecting on possible solutions.  

Thomas H.,

The Netherlands

This program brought finally some structure to my millions of design ideasSo helpful and encouraging that I started right away with my DIY project! Love the spirit and that Melanie & Angelika are so approachable and supportive as part of the community!  

Karin C.,


I just wanted to say that I really like the programs. I like the content structure and I really like how they are set up and connected to each other – so much life changing support for so many topics. If you ever would consider translating the whole thing into Swedish, Id love to help out. 

Eric J.,


Unbelievable good program. As a HR professional, I have insights into recruitment processes and how people approach it. This program is focusing a lot on decision making and that people become enabled to drive their careers with clarity. It literally gets people going! 

Rob C.,


Very interesting material and a great format for coaching. And Melanie & Angelika helped out with additional guidance when needed! It really worked! 

Daniel M.,


Best online wellbeing coaching program I enjoyed so far. like that I can also benefit from other related programs as part my subscriptions plan (e.g. the creativity programs). Good amount of information, coaching and practical real-life down-to-earth examples 

Jenny D.,


It was a bit confusing as I there are so many different packs that it was hard to decide what to choose but finally I chose B21 Balance Life & Work and B30 Mind & Balance and now it is easier to organise myself with working from home and I feel I have got more control. I learned some tools that help me plan. Definitely recommend it. 

Greet R.,


I totally recommend it. It works! 

Louise M.,


The program consist of chapters and modules. The videos are comprehensive and to the point at the same time, I didn’t feel overloaded with the amount of material. By the time I finished the program I had my plan ready. The community was also great emotional support!

Sarah T.,


This program is perfect for anyone who feels it’s time to look for a new career opportunity or to make a major career shift but is unclear and undecided if this is the right thing to do and/ or what the next career step looks likefollowed the program as provided and indeed ended up with a clear career vision, a final decision and serious action plan. I would recommend completing this program not in a rush as recommended by Melanie & Angelika. Allow yourself time for reflection!  

Tina B.,


It is great that you have visual presentation on a screen and Melanie and Angelika on a video walking you through the material. What I really like best is the energy you can feel watching the videos - and the honesty from the beginning that people should not expect a miracle one-fits-all solution, but that you are guided to find your own solution. I recommend it!

Ewelina S.,


The Mix & Match pack with access to all programs helped me a lot! Modules B01 and B02 showed me so many tricks I can apply in chats with people. And Assertive Communication was a game changer for me! 

Stephanie B.,


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Find out in this testimonials section what people say about Melanie and Angelika.

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