Craft your irresistible Online Brand that people can't help but recognise and follow in just five days with our Go-To Expert Branding Pack!

In just five days, you’ll turn your online presence into a one-of-its-kind fan magnet and irresistible Go-To Expert Brand people can't help but recognise, follow, trust and buy from you!

This Go-To Branding Pack is perfect for anyone employed or any established product or service based business owner who wants to transform their expertise, passion, or hobby into digital products and sell them online. It is a seamless power addition to any Content and launch Strategy Program. 

Passive Income Starter Kit

Imagine you’re strolling through the supermarket when, out of nowhere, a person pops up, waving excitedly and yelling, “Hey! I know you from Instagram! I LOOOOOVE  your posts!”

Go-to Expert Branding

Passive Income Starter Kit

💎 Unveil the secret recipe to captivate your (potential) audience like a fan magnet and become their trusted  #1 Go-To Expert. Learn how to effortlessly and authentically showcase your unique vibe, expertise, and mission as the core of your brand – and people will start to see you as a credible authority that appeals to them.

✨ Do you really believe that Organic Reach, high engagement, and conversion rates are unicorns these days 🦄? NAH! With my thought leadership strategy, your activating and unique passive income brand reaches a wider audience and leads to more followers, engagement, and conversions.

🔥 By mastering the art of clearly differentiating yourself from competitors, you will strengthen your market position and be able to charge higher prices for your digital products. Thanks to your Go-To Expert brand, these are perceived as premium product courses.

Go-To Expert Branding

Before 2021, I was a well-known Corporate Business Transformation Lead, Business Coach, and Change Management Lecturer in the offline world.

But when I started my online business in 2021, it felt like I was starting from scratch—as a nobody.

Getting attention, engagement, and sales was a struggle for a long time.

No matter how much I tried to follow social media trends and advice from experts, it just didn’t work.

I felt invisible and out of place.

And I wouldn’t say I liked it at all. It was draining. 😑

So, at the start of 2023, I decided to do a biz relaunch and complete rebranding.

This process really helped me find my own voice and visibility again and regain my online credibility as a mentor for people starting passive income businesses. These are people who want to sell their knowledge or passion in the most automated way possible, using highly effective lead-magnet ad campaigns.📈

I used to post all the time, but not many followed me or engaged with my social media posts – nor did I sell enough. It was like hearing crickets, you know? I was invisible – though the silence was deafening!

💎 Today, I post and have fun because my account is vibrant and interactive now – followers, engagements, likes, DMs, sales! BAAM! 💃🏻

❌ I used to have a hard time making content. I had a rough idea of what to do, but it always felt forced and fake, as if I was wearing a mask. Coming up with ideas was tough, even though I’m pretty creative. FULL-BLOWN WRITER’S BLOCK! The results were usually boring and mainstream. And I couldn’t bring myself to do goofy dancing videos. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😏

💎 Nowadays, it’s much easier to create outstanding content that truly represents me – and resonates with and activates my target clients. I’m no longer focused on followers or other numbers, and I couldn’t care less about what others are posting. Content planning is a piece of cake now! 🤩🤩

❌  It appeared that nobody was interested in my products and posts because my content was too general and vague. So, like a leaf in the wind, I constantly felt the need to change everything about my brand and communication. I felt utterly lost and inauthentic, completely disconnected from my natural vibe.

💎 Today, bye-bye invisibility! I’ve really found my unique voice and made my go-to expert mark online by honing in on a specific niche and target audience, independent from a big following. My branding is spot on – from my brand story to my content to the design elements and communication I’ve chosen – and it’s really boosting engagement and conversions – especially in ad campaigns.

Free Sales Guide

Your Nu Ways to Magnetically Expand Your Following, Captivating Your Audience, and become a respected Voice and Expert in Your Online Niche!

Be a Fan Magnet, winning hearts and minds!

In just five days, you create an amazing online brand that represents your expertise, core beliefs, and passions and establishes you as the Go-To Expert Authority in your field. This brand will be so memorable and appealing that it will stick in people's minds and generate excitement - especially in your lead magnet ad campaigns that you rely on as passive income biz.

Go-to Expert Branding

    The secret way to win your clients' Hearts & Loyalty [VALUE 99€]


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    ... and let it be the ultimate magnet for attracting like-minded customers who dig your vibe and want to join your tribe [VALUE 99€]


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    Make your Passive Income Biz Brand stand out from the crowd like a diamond! [VALUE 139€]


    Create an appealing brand story that makes people think: We are two peas in a pod. [VALUE 79€]


    How do you frame your community to see you as the Go-To Expert in your niche? [27€]

  • ✨BONUS ✨

    Create a social media bio that shouts, "I'm fabulous - hit that follow button! [VALUE 27€]

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    Nail your profitable niche & positioning in just three sentences to make your digital products & content click with your audience [VALUE 27€]


    Captivate your audience with your compelling an authentic life story [VALUE 27€]

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    Create your most potent statement about what you do and why people want to do business with you and no one else. [VALUE 37€]


    Your ultimate magnet for attracting like-minded customers who dig your vibe and want to join your tribe. [VALUE 27€]

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    Nail down your target audience to make sure all your digital products and marketing speak their language. [VALUE 37€]


    Your cheat code for making money while you sleep! [VALUE 57€]

  • ✨BONUS ✨

    The Change: Live up to the identity and role of an Online Go-To Expert [VALUE 57€]


    Create an appealing brand story that makes people think: We are two peas in a pod. [VALUE 79€]

  • ... and much more.. 🤫😎

Go-to Expert Branding
Real Talk:
What does it mean to you to have our own Online Biz?

Passive Income Starter Ki

Let’s be honest: Not all of us dream of running a business and wrangling 20 (or more) employees. 😅

Go-to Expert Branding

And that’s okay. We’re all on our own unique journeys with different goals and aspirations.

With my self-employment, I aim to achieve freedom, independence, and self-reliance by building multiple passive income streams. 💫

I don’t want to seek approval to go on holiday, and I don’t want to rely on someone’s permission to turn an idea into reality, allowing them to limit my creativity.

… Or if I feel like meeting a friend spontaneously for a lunch date, getting my nails done or playing a round on the golf course – I just want to do it. 💅🏼🏌🏻‍♀️

You own your life and business. 💪🏻 Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to run your business in a certain way.

Therefore, it’s essential to be grounded in YOURSELF, in your WHY. Ask yourself, “Why do I want to have my own business? ❤️

Reflecting on this anchor question can help you reconnect with yourself and assess whether you’re on the right path when you feel distracted or lost. And it’s essential to share your WHY with the world – because it resonates with and appeals to the people who share your mindset.

So, what’s your driving force? What’s your reason for wanting to be your own boss? What’s your WHY?

”If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.”

– Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO

Passive Income Starter Kit

To live the life I wanted and grow my business, I knew I had to get my name out there by creating a stronger, more attractive brand based on who I am and what I stand for. A strong and captivating brand is super important for building an online business and standing out in the online market. It’s just as crucial as sales, marketing, and passive income strategies. With a clear brand story, I shape the narrative, which is constantly changing and evolving, creating an engaging story for my audience who is showering me with love and attention.

Go-To Expert Branding

Buckle up, my friend! You’ll follow my straightforward, step-by-step process and understand precisely what’s essential to communicating your inspirational and authentic self and how to make your brand irresistible and attractive. 💃🏻

My FROM MAINSTREAM NOBODY TO GO-TO EXPERT BRANDING PACK will help your passive income online presence shine like a diamond in the crowd—in just five days.

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive in! This is an Online Program for Go-Getters who are ready to take their personal branding and online presence to the next level so your audience showers you with love and admiration ❤️! 


Hey, does this feel familiar to you?

  • You are fed up making all that content no one seems to see or is interested in. It feels like playing a concert in the middle of nowhere: It’s like setting up a full concert with a band, lights, and sound system in a remote, uninhabited desert. Despite the quality of the performance, there’s no audience to enjoy it.
  • Creating content is mega frustrating for you. Whenever you sit down to prepare it – you have writer’s block and rather seek inspiration from others to the point you do a very similar content.
  • Your entire business venture still feels like you are walking in someone else’s shoes.  You feel not connected to your true self, and creating content feels like painting by numbers, following a predefined pattern without any room for your own creativity or expression.

But the real and costly problem with Branding is .... 👇🏻

Do you notice the missing piece, or do you give up easily on your business venture?👇🏻

Just like my clients, many people dive into their online businesses without thinking about branding. They usually focus on creating content, growing their followers, and making sales as quickly as possible. But, they often end up dealing with four major challenges down the road, MAYBE realising that they missed an important piece of the online marketing puzzle  – requiring them to rethink their approach to branding.

Selling digital products and creating content can be super exciting! That's why lots of folks tend to miss out on the crucial parts needed to build a brand, grab attention, drive engagement, and increase sales. Connecting the right dots in the right order is essential! ⠳⠳⠪

A lot of folks think they can just go with the flow when it comes to their branding without realising that how they present themselves to the world is shaped by their beliefs, values, and purpose, which most people are not clear about. What they see and are aware of is just the tiny tip of the iceberg, and the rest is unchartered territory. And then they wonder why they are not visible to others—or not seen in a certain way, as they assume they should be. 🤔

Branding might be seen as something only big corporations need, taking a lot of time and effort to build and maintain. But branding is important for personal and small business brands, too—and it's less time-consuming and complex than you might think and, therefore, can be set up in a short time!

Trying to come off as an online expert and thought leader can seem strange to many people. It's usually linked to those big influencer accounts. A lot of them are cool with speaking their minds and sharing their vision with family and friends. However, they aren't willing to bring this into their business communication and content, which leads to creating the same type of content over and over again. WHY? 😶🤷🏻‍♀️

💃🏻 Nope, you’re going to do better! 

Why is this GO-TO EXPERT BRANDING PACK so special?

You go through a comprehensive, from-the-inside-out go-to expert branding process to craft a unique, memorable brand story and all the elements you communicate in your content, ad campaigns, digital products, website, and so on—all grounded in your authentic self and expertise. Your Go-To Expert Branding will blend seamlessly into your content, launch, pricing and product strategy.

The process you’ll be following has 5 modules, each with its own frameworks and kits. With this kit, you build THE FOUNDATION for your visibility and appeal as a credible and inspiring online authority in your niche.

Passive Income Starter Kit

Hey, I’m Mel!

Bubbly, candid, creative – and a transformative Passive Income Entrepreneur through and through.

I’m an engineer at heart. I love turning ideas into reality and making things happen. Just like that! But I also love to support people in their business and personal transformation as a certified business coach & counsellor.about the team

Working in this sweet spot brings me joy and fills my heart. I’m very grateful I could do this for over 17+ years in the corporate world. Now, I work with entrepreneurs to build their passive income online businesses.

At the beginning of my Online Business journey, I struggled badly with visibility and social selling. Why? Honestly, I used to hate selling stuff – the same as negotiating. I always thought it was kind of sleazy and dishonest, but looking back, I didn’t know any better then.

Once I figured it out and switched up my mindset, even promoting on social media was a breeze. I turned my expertise into yummy digital products and mini online courses and built my automated passive income business model, the success blueprint I now share with my clients.

I help you transfer your expertise into digital product goodies and build your lean passive income business that fits your life, like your favourite outfit – unique, outstanding, and adjustable to fit your needs and wants.

You’ll get a steady stream of clients without having to do any content marketing, even if you hate selling like I used to.

I strive to live fully—free and independent from location, time and unnecessary stuff. And so can everyone else, how they want and need it!

Let’s do epic passive income s**t together!’

This could be you and your Results

Go-to Expert Branding
Go-to Expert Branding
Go-To Expert Branding

Hey, what are you waiting for? 😁

Happy Passive Earning, Melanie

Passive Income Stater Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely YES! Our personal values, which are at the core of our go-to expert brands, change and adapt as we gain experience. It’s important to make sure they align with our overarching purpose and that we can clearly communicate what we stand for and what we strive for. Revisiting and evaluating our values regularly is a good idea to ensure they really reflect where we’re at and what we want – and if necessary adapt our brands.

The course uses several powerful, tried-and-tested, effective coaching methods to help you think about and figure out the most critical aspects of a brand. All the unites add to each other. It’s a complete and straightforward coaching process that centers your brand on its core—YOU and your authentic self.

Immediately after payment, you will receive direct access to the course system and the self-study Online Program, which includes video tutorials, templates, and guides. 

If you would like personal support, you can book it separately. You can join the CONNECT 360 POWER CLUB instantly or book 1:1 time with me. Booking links are also provided in the course system.

Hey, since this course is online and you have access for 12 months, you can start whenever you want. You don’t have to follow a 5-day schedule, so you can totally make it work for you and your needs.

Absolutely yes! It is possible to establish yourself as an expert in almost any industry or niche. If you’re unsure about what to do, feel free to email me with your industry, and I’ll let you know if it’s feasible. However, please note that I won’t provide advice on what type of expertise you should pursue.

111% YES – because it will help you build your following. Following the thought leadership strategy is the way to stand out from the crowd and be seen as an appealing go-to expert!