1:1 Business Coaching And Consulting

Working 1:1 with me is laser-sharp Business Coaching & Consulting that sky-rockets your business, mindset and leadership skills development.

Done for you: You’ll receive clear and very detailed guidance, solutions, frameworks and shortcuts to help you cut through the confusion and frustration – but to see results in no time.

With my help and one-on-one support, you’ll have the space to develop your leadership, mindset, resilience and management skills in Speedlight while I take off the pressure from you to figure it all out on your own.

I totally get you! Yup, building a business can be tough. Working with me 1:1 can help regulate your nervous system to improve your mental and emotional well-being, reduce anxiety, and improve mood, physical health, sleep quality, and focus. It’s important to be strong for your business success!

1:1 Business Coaching And Consulting

Ready to transform your knowledge and expertise into lucrative passive income while standing tall and taking on any challenges thrown your way?

digital products passive income Profitable Online Business Consulting and Coaching free masterclass
digital products passive income Profitable Online Business Consulting and Coaching
digital products passive income Profitable Online Business Consulting and Coaching

1:1 Business Coaching And Consulting

In 2022, I hit a wall. Despite my initial intent to slow down, I worked 60+ hours a week for over two years while caring for my family.🥵

During this time, I sold high-ticket online courses by posting 24/7 content on social media, and ran live group coaching and 1:1s. Needless to say, my overall stress level was extremely high!😰

I realised I was stuck in the typical time-for-money trading, and it was wearing me out. I urgently needed to find a way out.

However, how could I get out and get people to buy my digital products without my constant involvement?

It wasn’t until I realised I needed a mentor, a clockwork-like system and a process that could sell my products on autopilot. 

❌ Before, I was overwhelmed with endless tasks! From content creation and 1:1s to tech issues, taxes, and client inquiries, it felt like there was no end in sight. 🥵

💎 Today, I have my business under control with automated sales systems and a strong support system in place. No need to sweat the small stuff anymore!

❌ Running a business can be a wild ride. At times, I felt caught in a storm, losing touch with my true self and off balance. I doubted myself heavily and hesitated to take risks, making me feel stuck and insecure. I went with my business everywhere—but nowhere!

💎 Today, I have developed a strong backbone. I stand tall, connected to my true self and face any challenges successfully thrown my way!🤩

❌ I was constantly stressed and anxious. I couldn’t sleep or focus, and my emotions were out of control. Handling clients feels like walking a tightrope. Patience – non existing!

💎 I’m balanced and in tune with my surroundings and clients. Flexible, but grounded in myself – like a strong tree. 🌳

1:1 Business Coaching And Consulting

Here is what we can achieve together

In our 1:1 sessions (🇬🇧 🇩🇪) we:

  • Create and optimise your sales funnels
  • Set up and monitor your ads
  • Polish up your online product portfolio and pricing tactics
  • Set up and fix technical issues – MailerLite(or a fantastic substitute), Zapier, Canva, WordPress / Elementor, etc.
  • Give your social media presence a makeover, from content strategy to content calendar to ads
  • Execute and push your community-growth and (organic) reach
  • Execute and push your community-growth and organic reach
  • Pinpoint your niche, and brand identity to get your name out there
  • Balance your emotional and mental health
  • Banish limiting beliefs and kickstart that can-do spirit
  • Optimise your workday, set priorities, and create realistic timelines

Keep your head up! We can always tackle any challenge. Let’s master this together!

1:1 Business Coaching and Consulting

Choose your transformative 1:1 Pack 


1 x 90 Min. Online Call + 5 Days WhatsApp Support


excl. VAT/MwSt.


12 weeks incl.
12 x 60 Min. Online Calls + WhatsApp Support


excl. VAT/MwSt.


The 6-Months Membership for unlimited access to your Business & Automation Experts & Community.


excl. VAT/MwSt.

Business Coaching and Consulting

Hey, I’m Melanie!

Bubbly, candid, creative – and a transformative systems builder and minimalist passive income entrepreneur through and through.

I’m an engineer at heart. I love turning ideas into reality and making things work. But I also love to support people in their business and personal transformation.about the team

Working in this sweet spot brings me joy and fills my heart. I’m very grateful I could do this for over 15+ years in the corporate world. Now, I work with entrepreneurs on their passive income systems.

Establishing the same Go-To Expert Status online that I had offline was a real struggle for me because I struggled with being visible and social selling. But once I figured it out, even social media was no longer a problem. I built my automated passive income business model, the success blueprint I now share with my clients.

I help you turn your expertise into digital product goodies and build your passive income business that fits your life, like your favourite dream outfit – unique, outstanding, and adjustable to fit your needs and wants.

I strive to live fully—free and independent from location and time. And so can everyone else, how they want and need it!

Let’s do epic s**t together! If you like to know more, get in touch with me!