Turn your Expertise into profitable Digital Products that earn you Passive Income in the most genuine, automated, and buzzing way to work less, make more & live fully!

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Melanie Wild-Schleiffelder

Founder & CEO of iMellan GmbH
Minimalist Passive Income Entrepreneur & Strategic Systems Builder

Digital Products Passive Income

Candid. Energising. Transformative.

Hello, I’m



I’m your wing-woman and transformative business mentor. I help you build profitable digital products and a passive income business. 

I work with a vibrant community of go-getters and doers. They are coaches, mentors, consultants, trainers, subject matter experts, retailers, …! Some have their businesses already; some are still employed but are interested in building one.

Everyone has the same powerful aspiration: to craft a unique, free, and financially independent life that fits like their favourite cosy sweater—and leave behind the constant hustle and trading time for money. 

Now is the right moment to do it! There are so many NU WAYS to make money online and live fully from various passive income streams – and people are taking this chance.

Are you one of them?! Play the passive income business game your way with a clear strategy that gets you there – fully aligned with your ideas, needs, and wants.

You have everything necessary to build an outstanding passive business brand: your authentic self, knowledge, and experience. The rest will follow.

Let’s build your buzzing passive income biz together in the most genuine way possible!

I’m always in your corner!


Unleash the power of transforming your expertise into bite-sized digital goodies that earn you money like automated clockwork and attract a flood of eager buyers to your email list – within 3 days!

(Even without a large social media follower base, reach or e-mail list)

Everyone can turn their Expertise and Knowledge into Digital Products and start selling on autopilot to get a consistent flow of clients without doing any content marketing, even if you hate selling!

Digital Products & Passive Income

Melanie is the ultimate catalyst for everyone who dares to play the business game their way.

Digital Products & Passive Income

I help you turn your expertise into digital product goodies and build your passive income biz that fits your life, like your favourite dream outfit - unique, outstanding, and adjustable to fit your needs and wants.

Online Programs & Support

The self-study online programs offer everything you need to convert your expertise into profitable digital products and automated income streams and build an online business that allows you to work less, make enough, and live fully!

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