Transform your Expertise or Passion into profitable Digital Mini Products that earn you Passive Income in the most genuine, automated, and buzzing way – allowing you to work less, make more, and live fully and securely!

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Melanie Wild-Schleiffelder

Founder & CEO of iMellan GmbH
Recovering Ex-Corporate Business Transformation Lead turned Minimalist Passive Income Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor

Digital Products Passive Income

Candid. Energising. Transformative.

Hello there, I’m



I’m the wing-woman and ride-or-die business mentor for all who want more than just work and hustle.

I help you create profitable digital products based on your expertise or passion. These digital assets allow you to gradually free yourself from your day-to-day job and scale into more passive income streams (e.g. real estate investments, ETFs, …) until you can live well and fully from them.

Join my vibrant global community of employed or self-employed go-getters and doers who share the powerful aspiration to create a free, financially independent, and stable life and leave behind the constant burnout hustle and worry about financial security.

I was once tied to a corporate 6-figure job, too. But over four years, I’ve transformed my life by replacing that income with earnings from online course sales and real estate leases. It’s about smart investments and sustainability, not getting rich quickly.

Now is the right moment! Create your passive income business aligned with your vision and strategy!

Let’s build your buzzing Passive Income Biz together in the most genuine way possible!

Unleash the power of transforming your expertise into bite-sized digital goodies that earn you money like automated clockwork and attract a flood of eager buyers to your email list – within 3 days!

(Even without a large social media follower base, reach or e-mail list)

Everyone can turn their knowledge and passion into digital products and start selling them on autopilot to attract clients and secure passive income, even if you don't like selling or doing a lot of marketing!

Digital Products & Passive Income

Melanie is the ultimate Catalyst for everyone who dares to play the Passive Income Game their way.

''Passive Income literally turned my Business and Life upside down - for the better!''

Melanie encouraged and accompanied me in leaving my side gig of leadership 1:1 coaching and going full-in with a passive income business in a new niche: Business Mentoring.

I already had two digital products for 99€ each – but minor sales. So, with Melanie’s help, I tweaked them into super catchy high-quality lead magnets, reduced the price to 37€, and set up basic funnels – et voila..! The rest was history!

Nowadays, I earn €250+ per client on average – and I have left my 9-to-5 job to live now fully from my passive income business! And now I’m thinking of taking the next step with EFT investments! 💃🏻

Katrin Caldewei
Business  Mentor & Consultant

Digital Products & Passive Income

Why you've come to the right place

You're exhausted from the never-ending grind of working 9-5 in your job or online business. 

You want to break free, establish a stable passive income for financial independence, and start selling your expertise as mini products on autopilot. Perfect!

Aspiring personal and financial freedom is your driver.

You want to handle your money independently, have the freedom to live and work wherever and whenever you want, and concentrate on building up lasting wealth because being financially free is your ultimate aim. Perfect!

Financial security and being surrounded by like-minded people is your long-term goal.

You vehemently oppose facing poverty and insecurity in old age due to your meagre pension at 67+ (if lucky) and yearn for an inspiring environment of like-minded individuals.

Digital Products & Passive Income

I help you turn your expertise or passion into digital mini product goodies to start building your passive income biz that fits and secures your life, like your favourite dream outfit - unique, outstanding, and adjustable to fit your needs and wants.

Online Programs & Support

The self-study online programs offer everything you need to convert your expertise into profitable digital products and automated income streams and build an online business that allows you to work less, make enough, and live fully!

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