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World-traveling Corpo Digital Business Transformation Leader turned minimalist Online Business Entrepreneur.

Hey, it’s me, Mel!

To succeed with your online business, you need strategies for selling, content and copywriting, lean business automation, leadership skills, an entrepreneurial mindset – and persistence. Additionally, it is imperative to find joy and fulfilment in the journey.

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MY NU WAYS! Coaching & Consulting

I provide all the practical how-to strategies so you can build a lean highly automated online business, digital products, and processes that attract clients and frees up your time to live the unique life you love!


Mindset matters the most to succeed with your business. I help you to grow into the entrepreneurial mindset that makes your online business successful through good and challenging times, providing you with the lifestyle you aspire.


Showcase your true self and unique personality! I help you to bring out your natural leadership style and develop your skills and expertise, which is vital to helping you attract the perfect clients into your world.

Emotional Intelligence

EI is crucial for your entrepreneurial skill and mindset development. It means managing your and others' emotions in the interest of your online business success. I help you enhance self-awareness, reflection and personal growth.

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