Discover more about the MY NU WAYS! Coaching & Consulting Team: the people and their passions, motivations, and backgrounds.


It's A Family Business

about the team

Melanie Wild-Schleiffelder

Founder, CEO, Creative Head & Master Coach & Consultant

  • Excels in times of transformation and change, where she is in her element driving things forward. 
  • Transformational Spark and guiding wing-woman for Entrepreneurs and Individuals
  • Queen of transformational Visualisation Methods & Whiteboards Drawings
  • Strategy, Business Automation  & Processes Whiz
  • Mrs Super-Efficient and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Has a knack for real estate investments
  • Design, Architecture and Art Buff
  • Early Bird fitness routines, golfing, and gardening keep her sane and energised
  • ….  traveling is her life. 

Laurenz Schleiffelder

Student, Gaming Geek & Coach, Head of Video Editing 

  • Gaming Geek with own TikTok, Instagram and YouTube channels
  • CapCut Whiz
  • Video Editor for MY NU WAYS 
  • Animals ❤️❤️
  • Besides gaming, he seems to enjoy horseback riding, golf and yoga.

Alex Schleiffelder

Data Privacy Steward in real life, Head of Miscellaneous

  • IT & Technical Support
  • The man in the background
  • Data Privacy Expert & Steward
  • Head of whatever comes his way 🙂

Others Support Teams

Webhosting, Ads & More

Besides the family core members, there is an armada of much-appreciated Fiver freelancers working for MY NU WAYS! Coaching & Consulting in the background as well as our consummate IT & Webdesign company – and, of course, our much-loved paw support team – who keep us more on our toes than our jobs 😉.


Hey, I’m Mel!

Bubbly, candid, creative – and a transformative Passive Income Entrepreneur through and through.

I’m an engineer at heart. I love turning ideas into reality and making things happen. Just like that! But I also love to support people in their business and personal transformation as a certified business coach & counsellor.

about passive income digital productsWorking in this sweet spot brings me joy and fills my heart. I’m very grateful I could do this for over 17+ years in the corporate world. Now, I work with entrepreneurs to build their passive income online businesses.

At the beginning of my Online Business journey, I struggled badly with visibility and social selling. Why? Honestly, I used to hate selling stuff – the same as negotiating. I always thought it was kind of sleazy and dishonest, but looking back, I didn’t know any better then.

Once I figured it out and switched up my mindset, even promoting on social media was a breeze. I turned my expertise into yummy digital products and built my automated passive income business model, the success blueprint I now share with my clients.

I help you transfer your expertise into digital product goodies and build your lean passive income business that fits your life, like your favourite outfit – unique, outstanding, and adjustable to fit your needs and wants.

You’ll get a steady stream of clients without having to do any content marketing, even if you hate selling like I used to.

I strive to live fully—free and independent from location, time and unnecessary stuff. And so can everyone else, how they want and need it!

Let’s do epic passive income s**t together!’