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We make Coaching an EVERYDAY Power-Resource

We at MY NU WAYS! Programs believe that Coaching and Change Enablement are powerful resources and cathartic, transformative processes that enable any fundamental and lasting life changes.

We deliver Coaching and Change Enablement in holistic, on-demand way for various life and career circumstances, so women can utilize these resources on a daily basis as needed for various purposes.

Therefore, we are committed to create the best possible virtual space and digital platform for our clients.

We believe in cultivating independence, strengthening own problem-solving competencies, prioritizing simplicity & structure – and in the transformative impact of coaching.

By working with us, women can develop a positive and strong sense of self as well as they can take liberating and smart decisions and actions for their own well-being. And they can become bold game changers in their own lives – and strive for a life they love.

Melanie Wild-Schleiffelder & Angelika Szac-Fidrych
FOUNDERS & CEOs of iMellan GmbH | MY NU WAYS! Programs

Our Life Transformations

Melanie Wild-Schleiffelder Angelika Szac CEOs iMellanWell, it’s quite a personal one. Melanie and Angelika had been in these difficult, uncertain and blurry career and life situations: Wondering what’s next or how to adapt, either forced by external circumstances or by reaching personal crossroads. Facing tempting opportunities for change and growth – but also feeling the cosy and assuring comfort of the known and familiar. And yes, they had been stuck and dreading to make career and life changing decisions.

The call for adventure and walking new paths was strong – but fear was stronger. It was an emotional roller coaster ride every time for sure. Eventually they overcame that frozen state, crossed the line and moved on – and never regretted it.

What they learned: Gaining clarity about options, directions and the future state is key. This shifts the mindset towards solutions and builds the confidence to take necessary decisions and actions to get going. It also points to growth opportunities and upskilling options, that help build trust in yourself and in your journey. And once you free yourself mentally and physically, the rest will follow!

So this is the reason why MY NU WAYS! Programs came to life. Melanie and Angelika’s shared purpose is to guide and help others through this transformational process.

Melanie & Angelika founded the iMellan GmbH, which is today the umbrella entity for various platforms helping customers to make it successfully through their corporate, small business or personal transformation journey.


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