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DIY – DO IT YOURSELF: Why is it so rewarding and how to make it a success!

DIY Makes Happy Crafting Interior Knitting Gardening

A completed DIY task that is completed gives enormous satisfaction. DIY projects have become increasingly popular among people of all ages and skill levels. There’s nothing like the feeling you get after completing a task that you worked hard to finish. And not only are hands-on DIY activities fun, but they also provide added benefits for your mind, body, and even your wallet.
Find out why DIY is the way to go to tackle that project you’ve been dreaming about and how we can help you become inspired, enabled and guided to design and DIY build your unique living space and interior design – or even your outdoor area like balcony or garden!

What is DIY?

Do-it-yourself (DIY) is a term used for projects you make by hand. The skills you gain when you start a DIY lifestyle are well worth your time. All DIYers are different, but they do all share the same determination, passion and – most of all – patience!

Why DIY? If you’re looking to save money, a quick DIY fix-it may seem like the right answer. Doing something yourself rather than paying someone to do it — how hard can it be? But, there’s a real learning curve on the path to DIY mastery regarding skills, and it comes complete with peaks, valleys and plateaus. Are you up for this? If you are ready to learn and really improve or enhance your DIY skills, your DIY projects will go a lot smoother and, you’ll broaden your knowledge base.

So why DIY? The benefits may surprise you. Here is a summary of five reasons to move toward a DIY lifestyle and make your own products.

1. You will save money

This one may be obvious, but it is one of the biggest reasons, people often underestimate just how much you can save. Besides saving money on labour and markups with contractors and repairman, often cheap fixes on a number of household items prevent them from having to be replaced.

2. You get to express yourself - and there are therapeutic benefits to creativity!

Arts and crafts have been linked to various mental health benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety and improving overall well-being. Creative activities are therapeutic because they make you shift from daily pressures to things you like. A work routine can be boring and stressful especially if you don’t like what you do, which is the case for many people.

Making time for your your DIY project after work helps you turn negative feelings and thoughts into something positive. The mind is involved in a creative process as you try to create an attractive and unique piece. Seeing the outcome of your crafting, gardening or repairing project is also fulfilling. Doing this regularly helps you relax and forget the worries of this world.

3. It boosts your confidence & gives you a sense of accomplishment!

The other benefit of DIY is that it helps to increase your self-esteem and confidence. Low self-confidence is a killer of dreams and social life. People with low self-esteem find it difficult to interact with others because they feel that they are being looked down upon by their peers.

The good thing about being involved with your DIY project is that you do not lose confidence because you create something that means a lot to you. Once you complete even a small project, you feel accomplished, and that is how you boost self-confidence. You get a boost of self-esteem if you get involved in successful creating and crafting tasks on a regular basis.

4. You connect with other people and with your family

People love to bond over a shared activity. DIY projects bring people together in many ways. You can make friends with other DIY enthusiasts who share your love of DIY online, have creative DIY date nights with your partner, or involve your children in DIY projects. Can you imagine a better way to keep your kids busy and teach them a constructive, sustainable skill?

No matter who you choose to bring in, you will feel closer after completing a project together.

5. It’s better for the environment!

This may come to you as a strange statement however if you can fix something without having to throw it away and build a new one, you’re saving space and saving the resources required to make a new one. Or for example, making personal care products like soaps also help the environment by reducing the amount of palm oil purchased every year (the main contributor to the reduction of the Amazon and other rainforests).

So what do you already have around the house that you could use again? Think about it! Create and re-use the things you need to reduce harmful plastic, exposure to chemicals, and cut back on all types of waste. That’s a so a DIY benfit!

Ready to start your DIY project?

You don’t need to do it alone! Our DIY program Unicorn Programs will help you become inspired, enabled and guided to design and DIY build your unique living space and interior design.

What does DIY have to do with coaching that we provide to you through MY NU WAYS! Programs?
Following all the benefits above, DIY projects being a creative and rewarding process support your wellbeing and better balance which is also a goal for coaching and therefore for MY NU WAYS! Programs!

Your Outcome?

– Stop dreaming! Make your dream real!
– Feel empowered, enabled and confident to work on your own DIY project.
– Set a realistic goal. You will get 360 view of design ideas, styles, elements and colors.
– Filter through all inspirations and ideas that appeal to you!
– Come up and decide on your final design – and then follow-through to get there with a clear course of actions!

Learn more about our DIY Unicorn Programs here!

Live The Life You Love!

Live The Life You Love!

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We created our virtual MY NU WAYS! Space as an effective and on-demand Coaching and Change Enablement Support for everyday and various purposes. Because taking matters in our own hands, practicing daily self-reflection and mindfulness like second nature to overcome our nagging doubts, procrastination, trauma, stress and anxiety can work wonders for our Lives and Well-Being!

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