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MY NU WAYS! Programs

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Martyna Wojciechowska: From Dakar Rally Driver to Social Game Changer.

She had a passion for cars and motorcycles, which is why, when she was 17, she got her rally licenceShe began her career when she was 19 as a model for a Polish broadcaster.  Few years later she started presenting the most popular motor show on TV in Poland. She took part in the Dakar rally and she finished it as the first woman to do so from Eastern Europe. Martyna started travelling the world in 2007 and, a few years later, she climbed The 7 Summits – 7 tallest mountains of the world – as the third Polish woman to achieve  that. 

She is also the author of a tv documentary: Woman at the end of the world – a show about women from all over the world and their struggles. 

She started a Unaweza foundation. Their mission is to give women wings through giving them equal chances economically, legally and socially.  She has 2M followers on IG, 2M on Facebook. 

And we could keep going like that for a while to list everything she achieved. 

Martyna Wojciechowska  Journalist, editor in chief of National Geographic Poland, filmmaker, writer, activist, mother. We admire her for the strength, charisma, for not letting anyone categorise her and put her in any particular drawer. We admire her for being herself and paving the way for her causes. 

She recently said:  

Keyword for me is Change – being open to the fact that you can do something in a different way. And letting yourself do it. Change is disturbing as it brings us out of our comfort zone. Therefore at the beginning the change may feel a little tight and pinching but it is worth to overcome that

And we, at MY NU WAYS! Programs second that! 

CHANGE & TRANSFORMATION are at the core of everything we do at MY NU WAYS! PROGRAMS.  Why? Because Change can be a scary thing. It is our uncertainty and lack of control that makes it scary. That is why it is not easy to make a decision, or open yourself to change, let alone follow through and keep your motivation goingThere are ups and downs. One day you feel great, another day you have your inner chicken sabotaging you, and telling you that you are not going to make it, you are too weak. Fear is driving your thoughts. You are painting disastrous pictures, catastrophizing, telling yourself everything will go wrong, everyone will now know that you are hopeless and incapable.

ButYou are going to make it. It won’t be easy but you will.  

Life has surprised me so many times that I learned to be more flexible and to be more open to new opportunities.

We won’t always be able to plan everything. We may think that we have taken into account absolutely all aspects of a situation in order to make a decision, but then something unpredictable happens and our plan goes in the bin. What is next? Very often we are frustrated and disappointed as our plan, that we spent so much time on, didn’t work out. But that’s fine – we won’t always be able to foresee everything. If that was the case, life would be too easy, and probably too boringAnd it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan. It only means to expect the unexpected and deal with that. Adjust your plan, or come up with a new one – maybe a shorter term plan this time? 

Everything in our lives is a matter of making a decision. Courage to make a decision is a decision as well.

Not doing anything is also a decision! You have a choice: either you spend your energy on pushing back an opportunity, and have to deal with guilt about pushing it back 


…you spend your energy on seizing an opportunity and working towards that.  


It does not need to be a revolutionary life event. Sometimes, a slow but steady pace towards your goal is all you need. Open yourself to it. Let yourself do it. And then taking a decision will come naturally. One step at a time… 


And this is why we created MY NU WAYS! Programs – we want you to be clear about what your goal is, which is key to take a decision and to make a Change.  


8 out of 10 people who opt for coaching, consulting and enabling, succeed in getting where they want to get.  


Our proven concept will support you in your transformation journey, create a space for you to make a decision – YOUR OWN DECISION, and help you embark on your journey!  

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

Live The Life You Love!

Live The Life You Love!

Join our transformative and no-fuss Self Coaching and Change Enabling Space!

We created our virtual MY NU WAYS! Space as an effective and on-demand Coaching and Change Enablement Support for everyday and various purposes. Because taking matters in our own hands, practicing daily self-reflection and mindfulness like second nature to overcome our nagging doubts, procrastination, trauma, stress and anxiety can work wonders for our Lives and Well-Being!

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