Join the MY NU WAYS! Community as part of a membership, and you’ll never have to walk alone when starting and growing your business.

You'll overcome roadblocks, and you get going with your idea and turn it into a real (side) business

You feel still stuck with millions of questions that hold you back o take your first concrete actions to start your business. With the help of the tribe, you'll get the answers and the starting point to get going with your business.

You'll find your NU WAYS with clear priorities and directions at your own pace

Starting and building an online business is an overwhelming and scary endeavour. You are feeling literally lost in transition and no longer see the forest for the trees due to all the tasks and priorities. But the tribe is here to guide and help you!

With a little investment, you'll gain so much in return

Affording the money to invest in yourself, your skills, your growth and your business, especially in the first years, is quite a stretch - and often a deal breaker. Being part of the MY NU WAYS! Tribe for a little monthly fee is easily doable. It comes with unlimited access to everything you need to boost your business to the next level!

Like-minded and supportive people surround you.

You are missing the support, trust and appreciation for your entrepreneurial plans from your closest family and friends (mind you, it's understandable that it's pretty abstract for them). But by joining the tribe, you are surrounded by encouraging, like-minded people.

It's more than just a Membership

Imagine an online space and WhatsApp tribe where you can connect with like-minded individuals, including Mel, pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams, regardless of their skill level.

A place where you can seek advice, receive feedback, and share your experiences with a supportive community. A space free from judgment where you can openly express your concerns, fears, and even frustrations and receive the encouragement, ideas and solutions you need.

And not only that, but a space where we can also celebrate every small and big victory, accomplishment, and bold move we make. It's a community that inspires growth and progress, and it's waiting for you to join!

Membership: What you get

membership 1:1 personal coaching career professional coaching


Access to all online programs, also the new ones to come (expect one per month)

membership links personal and business coaching consulting services


Join the tribe, and like-minded people surround and support you. There will be weekly challenges and attractive prizes.

1:1 Personal career professional Coaching


Every month, there will be masterclasses and guest speakers for topics you can vote for, and Q&A sessions, where Mel and other experts will answer all your questions!

free connect to engage mastery coaching mentoring free negotiation guide


We (including Melanie) meet twice per week in our MY NU WAYS! Online Space to work on our own projects, but like in an engaging, sharing and chatty office atmosphere.

Sound good?

Candid. Energising. Transformative.

I am Melanie – Founder, CEO, and the Master Coach behind MY NU WAYS!

My firm belief is that Membershipto succeed with your online business, you need strategies for selling, content and copywriting, digital products, lean business automation, leadership skills, an entrepreneurial mindset – and persistence. Additionally, it is imperative to find joy and fulfilment in the journey.

All this you can get by becoming a member of the MY NU WAYS! Community!

Join the MY NU WAYS! Tribe as part of a membership!

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