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Our Self Coaching Programs are designed to make Coaching for you affordable, simple, and accessible.

We believe that Coaching with Change Enablement is a powerful resource and a cathartic, transformative process that enables any fundamental and lasting life changes. Therefore, we are committed to create the best possible virtual space and digital platform for our clients to deliver Self Coaching Programs in a systemic way for various life, business, and career circumstances. With our Self Coaching Programs, you are able to utilize Coaching as a straightforward, no-fuss and on-demand every-day resource in any life situation whenever you want and need so you can strive for independence, self-acceptance and overall, for the life you love.

Choose Your Self Coaching Programs

Online Self Coaching Program Career Change Professional Development Career Development Growth New Work
4,30 (126 votes)

Be determined & decisive! How to know what to ask for and to make a smooth career development to where you want to get.

Premium Career Pack | #10

Online Self Coaching Program Career Change Professional Development Part Time Business Start-Up How to Consulting Coaching Franchise
4.20 (119 votes)

Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Make it happen: How to start your (side) business and become your own boss!

Business Start-Up Pack | #11

Online Self Coaching Program professional Relationship network team dynamics
4.80 (67 votes)

Be confident! There is always a way: How to settle difficult relationships with people in different roles in your workplace.

Professional Relationship Pack | #12

Online Self Coaching Program Professional Career Development job satisfaction career workplace happy work life balance
4.10 (55 votes)

Be clear & decisive! How to decide if you should stay or go in order to gain your job satisfaction and fulfillment back.

Career Satisfaction Pack | #13

Online Self Coaching Program Career Change Professional Development Part Time Business Start-Up How to Consulting Coaching Franchise Coaching Business
4.20 (92 votes)

Follow your purpose and passion! How to start step by step your part-/full-time Coaching Business – and to make it a successful.

Coaching Business Start-Up Pack | #14

4.55 (86votes)

#20 | Coaching Starter Pack: Be clear & curious! Test it and set your foundation: How to find your drivers,  purpose and new development areas.

4.70 (98 votes)

#21 | Communication Pack: Be smart & build good connections! How to drive solutions, to listen with an open mind and to influence for outcomes. 

4.50 (85 votes)

#22 | Change Maker Pack: Be the Change! How to be an influencer & driver for positive change in your community, workplace and our world.

4,00 (114 votes)

#23 | Reorientation Pack: Be open & fulfilled! How to find orientation and a new purpose to strive for after you have closed a life chapter.

4,80 (147 votes)

#24 | Growth & Resilience Pack: Lift the load of life & adversity! How to grow & prosper while building strength & recovering from difficult life events. 

0.00 (0 votes)

#25 | Positive Sense of Self Pack: Accept and appreciate yourself and your value! How to leave your imposter syndrome and limiting believes behind!

4,4 (97 votes)

#30 | Balanced Mind Pack: How to read your emotions and to understand what you need & what you don’t need to feel in-syc with yourself & the world.

4,2 (67 votes)

#31 | Parenting & Home Office Pack: Find balance & flexibility: How to be a positive and a caring parent while working from home and driving your career. 

5.00 (0 votes)

#32 | Financial Well-Being Pack: How to plan and build your financial portfolio that secures and supports your Lifestyle – and any unforeseen events.

4.60 (99 votes)

#40 | Follow-Through Pack: No more procrastination, no more destructive patterns and relapses! How to make behavior and pattern changes happen & last.

4.30 (73 votes)

#41 | Decision Making Pack: Stop your fear of missing out! How to determine what options are worth or not worth to be followed to make a liberating decision.

4.50 (48 votes)

#42 | Reconciliation Pack: Stop bothering! How to come to terms with someone you feel you have a conflict or unfinished business with – present or past.

4.90 (56votes)

#43 | Post-Trauma Healing Pack: How to cope with and to carry on after serious life events by finding and pursuing NU meaningful directions in your life.

4.40 (41 votes)

#44 | Personal Relationship Pack: Should you stay – or go? How to resolve toxic or difficult relationships with partners, family members or friends. 

0.00 (0 votes)

#50 | Weight Loss Mindset Pack: How to lose weight and follow through without constantly restricting yourself and without gaining your weight back.

5.00 (0 votes)

#51 | Healthy Eating Pack: Everything you need to know about your body, nutrition and food that supports a healthy and fit lifestyle. 

5.00 (0 votes)

#52 | Self-Acceptance Pack: Develop a positive body image to love yourself, boost your self-confidence and become happy in your one and only body.

5.00 (0 votes)

#53 | Sports Nutrition Pack: Everything you need to know about how to support your sports activities with healthful eating to achieve your fitness goals.

5.00 (0 votes)

#54 | Plant Based Nutrition Knowledge Pack: Everything you need to know about nutrition and food to support a healthy veggie or vegan lifestyle.  

4.28 (25votes)

#60 | DIY Interior Design Pack: Be brave and bold! Make your own interior ideas for your living or working space come true & live your creativity! 

4.00 (43 votes)

#61 | DIY Garden Design Pack: Be brave and bold! Make your own garden ideas for your outdoor spaces  come true & live your creativity! 

4,50(58 votes)

#62 | DIY Decluttering Pack: How to let go and to clear and simplify your home or space to increase life & work quality – and to keep it that way. 

4.00 (26 votes)

#63 | DIY Bike Pack: How to DIY up-cycle any second-hand bike in a unique & sustainable way. Live your creativity and an old bike a new purpose! 

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