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Join our Group Coaching Challenges if you want to commit yourself on doing THAT ONE THING that is out of your comfort zone to get unstuck and to start moving forward to where you want to get. You benefit from Melanie’s and Angelika’s direct coaching support, a like-minded and inspiring Community, and from our proven Coaching approach and Challenge roadmap.

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With Our Challenges!

Practicing daily self-reflection and mindfulness like second nature with the help of on-demand & effective Coaching and Change Enablement Support can work wonders for your Life & Well-Being!

Working with us gives you new perspectives and insights and clarity to manoeuvre your life and career through the daily challanges, uncertainties and hick-ups!

We are transforming the way you see and approach something, the way you feel about it. Eventually you start to see NU WAYS and you will feel confident and enabled to walk NU WAYS.

This is how we and our Online Coaching Programs are helping you to achieve self-determined ,independent and self-driven the outcome you want. Work with us!
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The Challenge Allows Focus On Yourself

What People Say

I liked the videosthe coaching exercises and the additional resources like book recommendations and TED videos. Fun and thought-provoking to learn content and to start reflecting on possible solutions.  

Thomas H.,

The Netherlands

Best online wellbeing coaching program I enjoyed so far. like that I can also benefit from other related programs as part my subscriptions plan (e.g. the creativity programs). Good amount of information, coaching and practical real-life down-to-earth examples 

Jenny D.,


Very interesting material and a great format for coaching. And Melanie & Angelika helped out with additional guidance when needed! It really worked!

Daniel M.,


It was a bit confusing as I there are so many different packs that it was hard to decide what to choose but finally I chose B21 Balance Life & Work and B30 Mind & Balance and now it is easier to organise myself with working from home and I feel I have got more control. I learned some tools that help me plan. Definitely recommend it. 

Greet R.,


Your Challenge Coaches

We take a fresh approach toMelanie Wild-Schleiffelder CEO at and Found of iMellan GmbH >>> MY NU WAYS Programs MY NU WAYS Business X NU WAYS Consulting Life, Career & Well-Being Coaching. Through our extensive work since many years with teams and leaders in the business transformation area in the corporate world and coaching individual people going through business or personal change, we create an inspirational, motivational and self-affirming sense of “It’s fine to be lost in the right direction, I will get there!” in people.

Angelika Szac CEO at and Founder o iMellan GmbH >>> MY NU WAYS Programs MY NU WAYS Business X NU WAYS Consulting Online Coaching

We prove that pairing coaching with consulting and enabling people to find their own NU ways and solutions will help them leave confusion, self-doubt and lack of motivation behind. Instead they gain clarity and confidence so they can build a life and career they love. This is real transformation!

Work with us and get the life and career you love!

Your Coaching Choices

Group Coaching
279 starting from
  • Commit to and focus on doing that ONE THING that is out of your comfort zone for a certain time and start striving for what you want to get!
Self Coaching

starting from
  • Work FREE and INDEPENDENT on your specific areas of development whenever you want!
1:1 Coaching
99 starting from
  • Exclusive Personal Coaching for everyone who wants an individual approach, personal guidance and focused progress!

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