MY NU WAYS! Programs

MY NU WAYS! Programs

Self Coaching Programs, Personal Coaching and Group Challenges for Career Development, Personal Development, Well- Being and Self-Care, Nutrition and Weight Loss or Creativity and DIY Design


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Digital Lives, Authenticity               See T&C                                           —                                            13th November, 2021

Become comfortable and clear to identify and prioritise how you would like to be seen in a digital business world.

This is not just another personal branding workshop that you know from everywhere else. We start with fundamentals first: Who are you? We help you reflect before you decide what you make as part of your personal brand and only then we show you how to create it and drive it. And then it will be obvious to you want to make part of your personal brand.  


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8 out of 10 people who opt for coaching, consulting and enabling, succeed in getting where they want to get.

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The Personal Branding Pack is part now of our MIX & MATCH PACK, with access to ALL our programs and specific coaching modules. If you are interested in working on your home office set-up,  please see the MIX & MATCH PACK.