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Explore various free coaching resources for your personal & professional development, including free enabling masteries, videos, and more.

Free Coaching Resources: 0€ Coaching Masteries

Our Free Connect To Engage Mastery helps you reply effortlessly & constructively to the top 3 killer arguments in sales engagement & DM inquiries. 


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The free Rooted In Success Mastery helps you as a (new) entrepreneur to discover and connect to your roots & unique story. 


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Free Coaching Resources: Self-Help Videos and Book Recommendations

The MY NU WAYS Team has put together their favourite inspirational self-help videos for various life and career topics.

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The MY NU WAYS Team has put together their favorite change-enabling self-help book recommendations for various life and career topics.

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More Business Coaching & Consulting

Stop getting lost in motivational lows, stop chasing clients, and stop wasting time on ineffective tasks: Keep your energy up, be irresistible to clients, automate and transform your business to skyrocket your income, free your time and live the amazing unique life you love!

To succeed with your online business, you need strategies for Selling, Content and Copywriting, leadership skills, an entrepreneurial mindset, lean automation and persistence. Additionally, it is imperative to find joy and fulfilment in the journey. Wouldn’t you agree?

Our programs & masterclasses help you attract clients, increase income, free up time, and build the online business and lifestyle of your dreams!

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Working 1:1 with me is laser-sharp Business Coaching & Consulting that sky-rockets your business, mindset and leadership skills development.

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