Wednesday Inspiration: Sergey Brin’s quotes on dreams, goals and failure!

Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin is a man who wants to be remembered as “very innovative, very ethical and ultimately making a big difference in the world”.

Born in Moscow in 1973, Sergey Brin has become one of the most poignant technological figures.  

Envisioning a modern world without Google, a company Brin c–founded with Larry Page- is a tall task. Google is simply ubiquitous. From sending emails, hosting millions of hours of videos, assisting in searching the most obscure terms and powering our very phones — it does any and everything.  However, Sergey Brin would rather be remembered as “very innovative, very ethical and ultimately making a big difference in the world”.  

For our weekly inspiration, we’ve selected some of his quotes on happiness, dreams, organisation, Google and self-confidence! 

“It’s a romantic notion that you’re going to have one brilliant idea, and then everything is going to be great… but the execution and delivery are key.”

Sergey Brin on ideas

Ideas are essential, but more is needed! The widespread belief is that a brilliant idea is the secret to propel you ahead of everyone else to become successful. This puts a lot of pressure on yourself and keeps you stuck and frustrated. Success does not necessarily come from a breakthrough idea but from impeccable execution! Don’t get us wrong.  Ideas are still important. But think about it this way: if Brin only thought about creating Google but didn’t work hard to execute his idea, his company would not be what it is today. Ideas are the spark that starts the fire. And they can be partly created by the luck of being in the right place at the right time. But we must remember that a spark only gets us so far; without proper executions, ideas only remain…ideas! We might all generate great ideas daily, but execution and following through are the heart of making things happen. 

“I had no dreams of such economic success. You should have fun and not be so weighed down by the expectations of others.”


Sergey Brin on imagination

Don’t worry about other people’s expectations. Set your goals and do your best to surpass them and become who you are! Everyone says that if you find something you love doing, you will never feel like you have to work, simply because you’ll enjoy it, grow from it, and it will bring you fulfilment. If you’re not passionate about your work, it’ll be much more challenging to achieve success and enjoy what you’re doing. 

“Anything you can imagine probably is doable, you just have to imagine it and work on it.”


Sergey Brin on goals

Your dreams are there for a reason: they help you realise and fulfil your life purpose. However, we must mention that glorifying working to the brink of exhaustion is not beneficial for you in the long run, and it’s not what Sergey Brin means by this quote. He refers to being persistent, trusting yourself and taking steps to achieve your dreams and turn them into reality. Many people have trouble seeing the potential of their dreams; they give up on them because they don’t know how they will ever come true. It takes 5 seconds from the time you get an idea until you lose it, so if you don’t stick to it within the first 5 seconds, you will give it up. 

While you can’t force dreams to happen, you can take steps towards actualising them. For example: imagine that you want to travel to a specific place. It may not happen just like that. You need to take steps to plan it and arrange it. Do you know anything about the culture and language there? Are you saving money each week or month towards your trip? You won’t magically arrive there.

You need to plan and work towards what you want!

“It’s tough to fail if you aim high enough or if you set your goals ridiculously high.”


We chose this quote as the last one for our article, as we would like to exemplify it with a little story that we would like you to meditate on. Imagine you and another person are climbing a ladder, the top of which is lost in the clouds. You are determined to reach the very top, which neither of you can see from where you are on the ground. To be more realistic, the other person has set his goal to be the highest rung he can see from the ground. 

Once he reaches his goal, puffing and sweating, he stops climbing. You continue upwards, though your limbs are tired, and soon you’re lost to sight in the clouds above. 

Even if you fail to reach the top, your failure will be higher than the other person’s success!  

How does it inspire you?

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