Weekly inspiration: Oprah Winfrey’s 5 powerful motivational quotes to inspire your journey!

Oprah Winfrey

Weekly inspiration: Oprah Winfrey and her five powerful motivational quotes inspire your journey! Get inspired for life!

The world has been buzzing about Oprah in the past few days, ever since her – now infamous – interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aired on CBS. But, the truth is, the world has always been buzzing about Miss Winfrey, as she is considered by many to be the most influential woman in the world.  


Born into poverty, Oprah overcame many hardships, including a teen pregnancy and childhood molestation, to become a world-beating media mogul and the wealthiest African-American woman in history. With a net worth of over 2.7 billion, it is no wonder why we have picked Oprah Gail Winfrey to be the one that begins our weekly #inspiration series.  

Below, you can find our favourite Oprah quotes, which teach us how to deal with hardship, stay true to who we are and create the life we’ve always wanted! 

Oprah Winfrey on life

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life because you become what you believe.”


Oprah Winfrey on Success

Winfrey was born into poverty in rural Mississippi to a single teenage mother and later raised in inner-city Milwaukee. She has stated that she was molested during her childhood and early teens. She became pregnant at 14, but her son was born prematurely and died in infancy.  Looking back on her past, we can see that she never let her struggles define her or limit her potential for her life in any way. 

We become what we think! You might have heard this before, and it simply means that how we interpret our experiences and the story we tell ourselves in our head can either help us achieve the success we want or keep us trapped in our current circumstances. 

“The reason I’ve been able to be so financially successful is that my focus has never been money for one minute.”


Oprah Winfrey on power

Money is essential, but it shouldn’t be what drives you. There has to be a more vital purpose anchoring what you’re doing or is the beacon to which everything is connected. If money is the only factor, when you hit bumps in the road (and you will), money is often not a strong enough motivator to keep you focused and persist. Focusing on something important, a purpose, a why, a proper solution, a vision connected to the company, its products, and your conviction is a much better focus that can stand the tests of time and that you can get behind. 

“The thing you fear most has no power. Your fear of it is what has the power. Facing the truth really will set you free.”


Oprah Winfrey on gratitude

Our sense of fear derails success more often than failed attempts at success. The sensation people experience in the face of taking action to achieve their dreams – business, personal, spiritual, whatever — is usually not genuine fear. It’s F.E.A.R., an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. F.E.A.R. is an illusion. 

Something we fabricate in our minds and pretend it is accurate. It’s a fairy tale we tell ourselves that keeps us from doing what we want. The journey is what you’ll relish, and it just might take you somewhere better than you initially hoped. No matter what, each journey teaches you what you need to know to take the next one.  

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll have more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never have enough.”


Oprah Winfrey on accountability

If people aren’t grateful for what they already have, they endlessly crave more. More money. More houses. More cars. More everything. There’s no stopping in this endless cycle. Being grateful for what you have is a mighty muscle that can be strengthened. The key benefit is that it helps build, preserve and maintain a healthy life. This is not only limited to the present, but you have the potential to have a positive outlook on your memories and future outlook. 

The benefits of being grateful shift throughout your gratitude practice. It will begin with having a more positive outlook for the past or current day. Over time, with practice, you will become grateful for what has yet to happen in the future, which will bring you peace and fulfilment! 

“You are responsible for your life. You can’t keep blaming somebody else for your dysfunction. Life is really about moving on.”


Blame means less work, as we don’t have to be held accountable when we blame. It’s the opposite of being responsible and all the work that entails.  And spending time constantly defending ourselves is a part-time job that also leaves us shut down from what others have to offer us regarding lessons and growth. Growth comes when we stop playing the “blame game”, forgive ourselves and take control of our thoughts, actions and future! 


We hope Oprah’s quotes have inspired you to continue your week with a positive mindset! If we’ve opened your appetite for growth and you wish to continue your self–discovery process, we’ve put together some fresh & crisp free coaching resources to help you embark on your transformation journey! 

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